Meet Our Staff

Owner/Head Trainer:

Chelsea is a USHJA certified trainer who has been riding, training and showing horses for over 18 years and has been instructing/coaching riders for over 10 years. Chelsea is a committed equestrian with an in-depth knowledge of each horse and each rider. She possesses the intuition that allows her to understand the needs of each individual. She can often get into their heads to assist them in overcoming obstacles, her finesse, energy and commitment lead to the success of children from the age of two and up.

 Chelsea has an incredible passion for instructing young riders to elder horsemen. She has developed her own unique approach to teaching which gives each rider the confidence and the ability needed to be successful in/out of the show ring. Chelsea has developed many riders to perform successfully in all 3 rings to qualify for CHJA and CHSA Finals. Her students have also competed at many national horse shows, including HITS Ocala, and HITS Saugerties. Chelsea loves deleoping the true definition of team with all her teams no limited to local show team, IEA middle and high school teams to the point where their hard work has paid off to advance to IEA Regionals, Zones and Nationals finals. Her passion for horses is clear and her expectations for her clients are high reaching. She mentors in a positive, safe atmosphere for educating the equestrian sports and life lessons.

Chelsea is an organized trainer and develops plans with her clients. With client goals as a priority, she strives to move toward their attainment. She is ever present when you are succeeding, but also there with a positive energetic spin when things are a challenge. Chelsea has a natural instinct for knowing what each horse needs in order to bring out the best in them, and she tailors their training to meet these needs.

As a professional she has competed locally through national levels. Her devotion for the sport of show jumping can be seen in everything she does. Chelsea purchased a challenging horse who many others could not ride and developed that horse into not only a winning jumper, but a horse that could be safely ridden by children. The transformation of this horse is a testament to her skill as an equestrian.